Announcing the first annual IEEE symposium on Autonomous Weapons

Unmanned Weapons Platforms; How Autonomous Should They Be?

As technology begins to outpace Moore’s law and Asimov’s Law’s of Robotics become obsolete, it may be time to begin to define new rules for machine consciousness. In a world of evolving morality where competing militaries strive to shorten the Kill Chain on manned and unmanned weapons platforms we would like to begin the discussion.  Please join us for a panel debate at the Hacienda Hotel in El Segundo on October 17th.

Supplement: The Ethics of Autonomous Weapons

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Panel Members
Bill Porto
William (Bill) Porto
Colonel David E. Swanson
Colonel David E. Swanson
Enrique Ruspini
Dr. Enrique H. Ruspini

Dr. Elizabeth Shadish
Dr. Elizabeth Shadish


Principal Speaker
Dr. Enrique H. Ruspini
Artificial Intelligence Center
SRI International
333 Ravenswood Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA

Topic: Intelligent control of disributed teams of robots.

12:00-1:00 Lunch

Panel Discussion
Topic: Unmanned Weapons: How Autonomous Should They Be?

Dr. Enrique H. Ruspini

William (Bill) Porto
Executive Vice President
Natural Selection Inc.
San Diego CA

Colonel Dave Swanson
Chief Engineer
Los Angeles Air Force Base
El Segundo, CA

Dr. Elizabeth Shadish
Professor, Department of Philosophy
El Camino College
Torrance, CA